Wednesday 23rd May, 2018
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Lawrences recent auction of books, maps and manuscripts drew considerable interest from book lovers worldwide – and a propitious anniversary ensured particular success for one section of the sale.

Highlights included  a bid of £3530 for R. L. Stevenson’s `Treasure Island`, illustrated by Edmund Dulac and signed by him; £1460 for a rare but distinctive book called `Mein Vogel Paradies` by Carl Ernst Heinkfuss, issued as an edition  of just 1500 in 1929; £2440 for John Pouncy’s 1857 `Dorsetshire Photographically Illustrated` with 79 lithographed illustrations; £4140 for a fine album of photographs by Samuel Bourne and Charles Shepherd commemorating Edward, Prince of Wales’s visit to India in 1875-76; and £5240 for a substantial part library of botanical books from the collection of R. D. Meikle OBE.

Further strong prices were paid for The Grolier Society 1904 edition of `Secret Court Memoirs`, exquisitely bound in 20 volumes at £4510; Edgar Allan Poe’s rare `Tales` of 1846 that was bought for £2190; and £970 for a coloured and engraved map of Wiltshire by Christopher Saxton.

The sale day coincided precisely with the 50th anniversary of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and a group of lots from the collection of the late David Mayou was well received. Bidders showed appropriate determination to secure them: a 1936 letter to Sunday Despatch editor Collin Brooks (£970); £870 for an album of World War 2 photographs mixed with more personal family images; £540 for a signed (albeit faded) portrait photograph of Churchill in his office in May 1940; and £2070 for a large archive of books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, press cuttings and numerous miscellaneous pamphlets relating to Churchill, sure to satisfy the curiosity of anyone with a fascination for the great man. The sale exceeded £140,000 with little left unsold.