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A collection of boxed Corgi Toys, are to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewkerne.

Entered for sale by a client near Yeovil, these toys were collected with pocket money during the 1960’s. In total there are 24 boxed models, most of which have been kept in very good condition. The toys will be sold in a variety of lots with estimates ranging from £50-150, and they include some unusual models.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, “This is a lovely collection which should attract a lot of interest. Early die cast toys are always very popular in our sales, and we have a large section in this forthcoming sale”

The toys will be included in Lawrences Collectors Sale, on Friday 24th of May


Lawrences’ Spring Fine Art auction in Crewkerne (April 23rd-26th) will comprise 2200 lots and there are sure to be eye-catching delights for every pocket.

The sale begins with 820 lots of Silver and Vertu on Tuesday April 23rd. An Art Deco caddy spoon by the celebrated designer and silversmith Omar Ramsden dates from 1927 and is expected to make £800-1000, a rare cast vinaigrette in the form of a snail dates from 1884 (£2500-3000) and there is a small collection of West Country spoons including a Charles II Apostle spoon made in Exeter in 1683 (£1200-1600).

On April 24th, there will be an auction of General Decorative antiques in the £30-300 price range, similar to the firm’s popular weekly auctions held every Wednesday.

The Jewellery selection (April 25th) is led by two stunning pieces: a Victorian diamond necklace estimated at £20000-30000 and a fancy pink diamond solitaire diamond ring with a stone weighing just over a carat (£30000-40000). A beautifully carved hardstone cameo brooch from the mid-17th Century is expected to make £2500-3500. The Ceramics and Oriental Works of Art auction on the same day includes items as diverse as a Chinese bronze censor, possibly Yuan or early Ming (c.1360-1400) in date (£400-600) and a collection of strikingly modern Troika pottery with fourteen lots estimated at £100-150 apiece.

The auction of Pictures on April 26th includes a fine Old Master drawing by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (c.1760-1770) at £10000-20000, a beautifully graceful oil painting of the Leney family riding horses on a Kent beach by Heywood Hardy (£20000-30000) and a wintry oil of sheep in the snow by Joseph Farquharson (£50000-80000). In the Works of Art and Furniture that follows, there is a brass lantern clock by Thomas Wheeler at £3000-4000, a good collection of treen (wooden works of art) including a 17th Century maple wine taster at £800-1200 and a Dutch marquetry centre table of similar age (£4000-6000). For those who like their antiques to be older still, two fragments of a Roman pavement, unearthed in Hampshire in 1952, may be bought for just £100-120 whilst an even more ancient Egyptian alabaster fragment of a hippopotamus’s head is guided at £500-600.


Some exceptional jewellery is expected to attract international attention in Lawrences’ Spring auction in Crewkerne on April 25th.

A Victorian diamond necklace of outstanding quality, mounted with graduated diamond clusters and graduated diamond foliate drops set with circular old brilliant-cut diamonds and rose-cut diamonds, was formerly in the collection of Gladys Maud Lascelles (1886-1961), granddaughter of the Hon. George Lascelles, brother of the 5th Earl of Harewood. The combination of high quality, good provenance and beautiful stones with exceptional sparkle means that the auctioneers expect this to make £20,000-30,000.

In addition, a fancy pink diamond solitaire ring with a pear-shaped stone set in 18 carat gold will be sure to catch buyers’ eyes. The stone has been assessed at just over 1 carat and is wholly natural with a desirable pink hue. “Pink is one of the most sought after and expensive of the fancy coloured diamonds,” explains Lawrences’ specialist, Miranda Bingham. This masterpiece of the jeweller’s art is guided at £30,000-40,000.

An equally natural but very different item is a necklace made of ancient amber beads from the La Toca mine in the Dominican Republic. “A specialist entomologist has identified many of the tiny insects embedded within the golden stones and these include such oddities as a stingless bee, flying ants, termites, mating midges, gnats and bees,” says Miranda. “Apart from being very beautiful with a warm and lustrous glow, this piece of jewellery is also a natural history lesson. You really can wear the bee’s knees!” This is expected to make £4000-6000 but fine quality amber beads have recently been selling for above expectations.
For those with an eye for good design but a shallower pocket, Lawrences’ sale includes some superb pieces of costume jewellery from a London collection. “The owner has always had a passion for collecting vintage costume jewellery,” comments Miranda.  “Vintage costume jewellery is in fashion again now and I think that part of its charm is that it is something that relies entirely on its style and workmanship and not on its intrinsic value. All are more or less individual pieces and you are unlikely to find another exactly the same.  Pieces in this sale range in date from 1930 to 1960 are all very affordable and range from £70-£300.”


As we approach Spring, a strong evocation of winter will nonetheless remain in Crewkerne for the next few weeks. The Somerset Auctioneers are offering for sale an atmospheric masterpiece by a Victorian artist whose works are well-known through thousands of Christmas cards.

The large oil on canvas (99 x 150cm) is by Joseph Farquharson RA (1846-1935) and has been in a family collection since it was purchased at Christies in 1923. It depicts a moonlit scene with sheep in snow in a woodland clearing in the depths of winter, their coats encrusted with driven snow.

A smaller twilight version of this subject was shown at The Royal Academy in 1912 and a slightly smaller version still, painted in 1910, was sold at Lawrences in April 2010. Scholars were aware of the existence of this large moonlit version but it has not been seen in public for 90 years.

The eminent Fine Art publishers, Frost and Reed, issued a colour print of the twilight variant of this subject in 1913 and, as the artist's principal publishers, sold thousands of copies of reproductions of dozens of works by him. Farquharson often produced more than one version of his major works to satisfy demand from collectors whilst other versions were produced for engravers and etchers to study.

Lawrences’ specialist, Richard Kay, says that “the artist’s skill at capturing the chilling stillness of a winter day was often caught in half light as the setting sun or rising moon struck long shadows across the drifts of snow in defiance of any photographer's eye. Warmly wrapped up against harsh Scottish winter weather, Farquharson perfected his technique in remote rural glades.”

Archdeacon William Macdonald Sinclair, writing in The Art Annual of 1913, praised the artist's `sense of reverence for the secrets of Nature` and observed his `sympathy for her various moods, joy in her wind and storms, sunshine and moonlit mysteries..`. Sinclair detected a spiritual element in Farquharson's compositions: `There is not one of [his] pastoral landscapes which is not treated from the contemplative or poetic point of view ... the exquisite beauty of rare tints in the sun or moon on deep snow surfaces and seen through leafless trees.. and the varied voices with which Nature elevates us .. in her countless moods.”

The auctioneers expect the painting to realise £50,000-80,000 on the final day of their three-day Spring Fine Auction in April. The auction contains over 2100 lots of silver, jewellery, ceramics, picture and furniture.


A superbly engineered scratch built locomotive, `LMS Royal Engineer` from the Royal Scot Class, is to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewkerne.

Consigned for sale by a client near Taunton, the locomotive and tender were made by a model engineer, Reginald Haskell, during the 1940’s/50’s.  It was often used in Esher, Surrey, under the auspices of the Guildford Model Engineers’ Club. The 3½ inch gauge locomotive can transport an adult driver and a number of children on the back. Mr Haskell continued to demonstrate the locomotive until the 1960’s, and it eventually passed down through his family.

Lawrences’ Auctioneer Simon Jones said, “These large scratch-built  locomotives are extremely popular with collectors, and it would be wonderful to see this being used again. We have sold a number of scratch built locomotives in the last few years, and they always attract a great deal of interest.”

The train will be sold in Lawrences Collectors Sale, on Friday 24th of May. It is expected to realise £1000-1500 in the auction. For further enquiries about this sale please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Rare Model Toys Up To Scratch...

A superb private collection of early Die Cast toys are to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewkerne.

Entered for a sale by a client who lives in Weymouth, the toys had been collected by a young lad from the 1950’s onwards and have remained in his family ever since.

The 40 items on offer include an early Dinky Toys Foden Lorry (£200-300), a rare Triang Minic Atco Mowers Van (£300-500), Matchbox Series Models (£150-200) and various other boxed and unboxed items from about £50 upwards.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, “Die Cast toys and Trains continue to be extremely popular in auction and it’s worth remembering that these were once sold for just pocket money prices of a shilling or two. Many collectors like to realise that `I had one of those` and so they buy items that remind them of their childhood. Our internet based sales have proved very popular with buyers, and go from strength to strength.”

These items will be included in Lawrences Collectors Sale on the 23rd and 24th of March. For further enquiries about buying or selling, please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.


Two Gauge 1 locomotives of outstanding quality are to be sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne.

Entered for sale by a client in Hampshire, these two locomotives were made by The Finescale Locomotive Company. The firm was established in 1993, and is best known for producing very high quality models for enthusiasts and collectors. The consignment includes a `Duke of Gloucester` and `Oliver Cromwell` locomotive and tender, and both are in fitted glazed cases. The sale also includes two coaches made by the same firm, also in fitted cases.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, “These are extremely high quality models with a remarkable attention to every minute detail. Even rivets, the size of tiny pinheads, are visible and these trains were very expensive when bought new. Both locomotives were manufactured in limited editions and they are now being keenly collected at auction.”

Each locomotive is expected to make £1500-2500 in the auction, and will be sold in Lawrences’ May Collectors Sale. For further details about this sale please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.


A collection of kit built locomotives and rolling stock, are to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Somerset.

Entered for sale by a Somerset client, the trains were constructed by a gentleman over many years. The sale includes three locomotives including a Great Western, and a variety of coaches, wagons and kit parts, and a large layout. Mostly made in ‘1 Gauge’, the items were all assembled and painted from kits, and have remained in the family until now.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones, “Kit built and scratch built locomotives continue to be extremely popular in auction, and there are many collectors who are keen to add to their collections. These items are beautifully assembled and they should attract a lot of interest on the day”

The trains will be sold in Lawrences Collectors Sale in May. For further details about entering trains in this sale please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

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