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Florence Barlow Doulton Vase to be sold....

A wonderful art pottery vase is to be sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne. The vase is made by Florence Barlow, whose is best known for her wonderful animal designs at the Doulton factory.

Along with her sister Hannah, they were responsible for most animal designs at the Doulton factory in the late 19th century. Hannah joined Doulton as a student in 1871, with her sister joining later. They decided between themselves that Hannah would paint Horses and animals and that Florence would concentrate on Birds and Flowers.

This vase shows Florence at her best, with birds painted on a stoneware body.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "Works by the Barlow sisters do not come up for sale very often, and when they do there is always plenty of interest. There are a large number of Doulton collectors all over the world, who appreciate the quality of her painting"

The vase is expected to make £400-600 in auction, and will be sold in Lawrences Decorative Arts sale in April.

For further enquiries please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

April Fine Art Review


Lawrences in Crewkerne offered over 550 lots of silver in their recent auction and there were strong prices across all the fields. Top price was the £5250 paid for a fine quality beer jug, made by William Spackman in 1725. However, unusual and novelty items also sold well. An electroplate-mounted bishop's crozier (70 inches long in a fitted case) made £1010; a small cast model of a young rabbit evoked the sights of spring and took £1550; a nickel-plated aeroplane, just under 10 inches long, came apart to reveal itself to be a useful smoker's compendium (£930); a George II coffee pot from 1754 took £3940; and a Russian silver-gilt caddy scoop, unearthed from the client's bowl of sugar, made a sweet surprise for at £760.

Amongst the items of vertu, two superbly carved ivory figures of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Leicester made £1490, a George IV silvergilt snuff box by the celebrated maker Nathaniel Mills made £1610; a charming pair of Regency miniatures in the style of John Barry, depicting a young lady and gentleman, made £1610; an exquisite Chinese silver lacquer fan exceeded expectations to make a refreshing £1550 (well, it was a warm saleroom..); and a slim silver butt marker for the sportsman encapsulated the refinement of the years between the wars by taking shots up to £1190. A tiny thumb-sized vinaigrette and sewing compendium in the form of a miniature railwayman's lamp lit up the end of sale to make £2390.

Lawrences in Crewkerne offered jewellery and ceramics in their recent auction and were pleased to see collectors out in force as the advent of a General Election can sometimes dampen buyers' inclination to spend money. The mixed lots of jewellery (principally in the £150-650 range) were very well received and there were just three unsold lots in the first one hundred offered. More expensive treasures included the £4780 paid for an 18-carat triple cased pocket watch by Edward Webb, made in 1789; and the £4060 paid for a pair of Victorian memorial locket brooch pendants, commemorating two ladies named Maria Sudell. A diamond and enamel spinning love token made by Cartier, still in its leather case, caught the eyes of two incurable romantics and was bid up to £2980 whilst the enamel, pearl and gold brooch by Carlo Giuliano exceeded its estimate to secure £2620. Many diamond rings in the £800-3000 range showed the strength of quality gemstones at auction and a 1.2 carat solitaire led the selection at £3580.

In the ceramics section, there were strong prices for items from these shores and from much farther afield. A fine Pilkington vase by Gordon Forsyth from 1909, decorated with fish on a lustre ground, made £4300; four cordial glasses on honeycomb cut stems made £2980; an unusual Mughal black stone and rock crystal dagger handle from c.1700 made £4180; and a Delftware blue and white food warmer got heated up to £1020. Top prices of the day, however, were reserved for the Oriental works of art with particular eagerness showed for jade, ivory and bronze: a group of small mutton fat jade carvings made £600 to over £6000 with top honours going to a 2-inch wide carving of fungus at £7170. In addition, a pair of ivory boxes and covers in the form of seated quails, just 4 inches wide, made £9800 (see illustration); and an exceptional quality Japanese bronze saucer dish, 19 ins in diameter, led the day at £19700. A badly damaged blue and white Kangxi vase made £5970 and a good double gourd vase in a similar palette was contested beyond its estimate to make £8360.

The final day of Lawrences' recent massive 2500-lot Spring Fine Art Auction saw pictures, works of art and furniture go under the hammer. The day was strewn with prices that exceeded expectations and there was enthusiastic bidding on everything from bronzes and barometers to pictures and prints.

Highlight in the selection of watercolours, that embraced 17th Century drawings and a modern collage by Sir Terry Frost, was the £19,120 paid for a strongly coloured watercolour of a mill cottage by Frances Hodgkins who was born in New Zealand in 1869 but who died in Dorset in 1947. The picture attracted 11 phone bidders from Australasia before more than doubling its top estimate. It had the special appeal of clear, unbroken provenance and was in superb condition . Maintaining the theme for high values for things from down under, an oil by Birmingham-born landscape painter Albert Henry Fullwood (1863-1930) made an impact after being identified by the auctioneers as a view in New South Wales. Fullwood settled there in 1881 and a dozen phone lines contested the picture to £7640 . The owners had expected that the picture was suitable only for the firm's weekly auction and were delighted by the outcome. Two further surprises were the £19,120 paid for an atmospheric winter scene with sheep by Joseph Farquharson, consigned for sale by a Devon family whose ancestor had purchased it from the artist over 80 years ago; and an intensely coloured 1950 study of King David by Irishman Colin Middleton, consigned from the estate of the late Lady Finniston, that reached £11,950 after eight bidders from Ireland competed for it.

The undoubted star of the works of art section was a rare Georgian mahogany angle barometer frame made by R. Fourdrinier and F. Omphalius that saw telephone bidders mount a `long period of high pressure` to contest it to £17,920 (see image). Ten small bronze busts of Roman Emperors remained impressively solemn as bidders took them to £6450 . The oldest item in the auction, a small Etruscan bronze of Hercules, 2300-2400 years old, made £4540 . A rather newer (1941) bronze of an airman by Thomas Jones Burns, identical to another cast in the RAF museum in Hendon, flew to £1610 . Top price in the furniture section was the £12,540 achieved for a superb reproduction of Robert Jupe's inventive expanding circular dining table, whilst a fine William and Mary walnut chest on stand was bid to £3340 amongst many other prices in four figures. The day's total was just over £400,000 and the auctioneers were pleased to report that buyers had spent over £1,300,000 in just 20 days during the busiest month ever for the Crewkerne firm. Entries are invited for the firm's summer auction until late May.


Lawrences Auctioneers are please to announce that

Live Bidding will be available for our forthcoming

Collectors Sale on Friday 9th April.

We will be accepting Live Bidding for the

Toys & Dolls Section of the sale.

For further details please contact Jo Quinn on 01460 73041 or click on




Dorset Fishing Collection to be Sold.....

A wonderful collection of Fishing items are to be sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne. The items were collected by a gentleman in Bournemouth over a 30 year period.

The collection includes over 150 antique fishing reels and over 70 antique fishing rods. The reels include legendary makers such as Hardy, Allcocks, Sharpes, Farlows and many more. The reels range in age from late 19th century through to modern, and cover all types of fishing.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, " This is an amazing collection for fishing enthusiasts, with something for everyone. He was obviously a compulsive collector and his collection covers all aspects of fishing. Antique fishing reels in particular are extremally popular with collectors, and there are some very early examples. "

Estimates range from £20- £200, and they will be sold in Lawrences Sporting Sale in April next year.

For further enquiries please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041

Teddy Bear needs a home.....

A wonderful Teddy Bear is to be sold at Lawrences of Crewkerne in April. Made by Chilton Toys in the 1930's, he comes complete with hooded jacket and muffler to keep him warm in the winter!

Known as the " winter skater ", this model was made by the firm for a number of years. However this version is 27 inches high, extremelly large for a bear of this sort.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, " It is very unusual to have a bear of this size, and in such good condition. I suspect he may have made for a shop display or made for an exhibition "

The bear will be sold in April next year in the Militaria and Collectors sale, in a large section of antique dolls and bears. For further information please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Matchbox Models to be sold.......

A wonderful collection of Matchbox models and memorabilia is to be sold at Lawrences of Crewkerne in April. The items were compiled by a former Production Designer of Matchbox when he worked there from the 1950's onwards.

Involved in all parts of the production process, he was responsible for designs of the models and the boxes they came in. Most of these designs he kept, and are now coming up for sale for the first time.

Amongst the large collection are three original watercolours of matchbox designs that later went into production, and a large quantity of product designs for boxes. There are also a large number of model cars, all in boxes and in excellent condition.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "This is a fascinating collection for Matchbox collectors. He was obviously a man who refused to throw anything away,and because of that we have an amazing archive of the factory including photographs of the production line in the 1950's. It is amazing to see the model cars and boxes in such mint condition, they barely look like they have been touched"

The items will be sold in the militaria and collectors sale in April, for further information please conatct Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Hunting Buttons to be sold....


A wonderful collection of over 1200 brass hunting buttons are to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers in Crewkerne, Somerset. Consigned for sale by the Charborough Park Estate these buttons will be included in their April Sporting Sale.

The Charborough Park Estate, near Wareham, Dorset is probably best known for it's deer park and the enormous brick wall which surrounds the estate. The wall was built during 1841 & 1842 . The construction used over 2 million bricks and was commissioned by the then owner John Samual Sawbridge-Erle-Drax.

The buttons were made for the Charborough Hunt in the 1840/1850's. Originally part of the Blackmore Vale Hunt, a dispute between Sawbridge-Erle-Drax and the Farquerson Family, led to a split. Sawbridge-Erle-Drax founded his own hunt, hunting over his land only and subsequently named it The Charborough Hunt. This hunt eventually re-joined the Blackmore Vale Hunt and from this hunt saw a direct sucsession of masters of the hunt.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "It really is a remarkable find. We rarely see sets of vintage hunting buttons coming up in our sporting sales, so to see over 1200 buttons at one time and in such good condition is incredible. Most have initials of the hunt, or a fox mask with the hunts name on. Because of the short lived nature of the Charborough Hunt, the buttons rarely appear at auction. There are a large number of collectors of Hunt buttons, and they should attract a huge ammount of interest."

For further information about this sale please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Bronze Age Axe Head to be sold.......

A wonderful bronze axe head is to be sold at Lawrences of Crewkerne. The axe was dug up by a farm labourer, in a West Dorset field around 50 years ago. Not realising it's age, it was stored for many years until being inherited by relatives in the Taunton area.

The axe head is a flat axe of the early bronze age, around 2,500 BC, and has survived reamarkably well given it's age.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, " It is wonderful to handle an article of this age, that would have been in daily use. This would have been an extremelly valuable item to the people of this time, and not something that would have been discarded. Given it's excellent condition i suspect it was lost not long after it's manufacture, and the soil has preserved it ever since. "

Confirmation of it's age was given by the Dorset County Museum, and it is expected to make £100-200 in auction.

The axe head will be sold in the Militaria and Collectors sale next April. For further information please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Dolls Dolls Dolls.....


A very large collection of antique dolls are to be sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne. Primarily from two private collections, there are a huge variety of Bisque head, cloth,and wax dolls, with over 100 dolls in total.

Highlights include a Kammer & Reinhardt Character Doll, which can be put in a crawling position, and a collection of 19th century wax dolls. Other factories represented in the sale are, Armand Marseille, Simon & Halbig, Adolf Wislizenus, Schoenau & Hoffmeister, Heubach Koppelsdorf, Kestner, Bahr & Proschild, Chad Valley, Norah Wellings, and many more.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said " This doll section in our next Collectors sale, should attract a huge ammount of interest. There are some very unusual dolls in this sale, and with estimates ranging from £50-£300 there should be something for everyone. "

These dolls will be sold in Militaria and Collectors sale next April. For further information about this sale please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Cecil Aldin Plates to be sold......

Two very unusual Royal Doulton plates are to be sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne. Both are decorated with caricatures of dogs, from original designs by Cecil Aldin.

Cecil Aldin was born in 1870, and is best known for his paintings of animals and rural life. His first drawings were published by the graphic in 1891. His illustrations include the original 1893 magazine publications of the Jungle Book, and the 1910 edition of Pickwick papers. He also published a short series of fully illustrated books in 1923, Old Manor Houses and Inns.

Drawing on the popularity of Aldins designs, Royal Doulton produced a series of plates called "Aldins Dogs". They were first made in the 1920's and were produced in relatively small numbers.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, " This is the first time i have seen these designs before. These plates will appeal to both Royal Doulton collectors, and Cecil Aldin enthusiasts "

The plates are expected to make £100-200 in auction, and will be included in the April Sporting sale. For further information please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.


A wonderful pair of Silver stirrup cups are to be sold at Lawrences of Crewkerne. Consigned from a vendor in the Minehead area, they are modelled as Foxes heads.

Cast in silver, the cups are made by Richard Comyns and are hallmarked for 1977. They were given as a gift to a gentlemen from his friends in the Worcestershire Hunt.

Stirrup cups have been made in a variety of different materials to hold drinks for the departing horseman, with the early examples made in porcelain and pottery. During the 19th century silver examples began to be produced, and are still being produced as gifts today.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "Stirrup cups are always popular when they come up in auction, and particulary when they are silver examples. There is still a large demand for Hunting related items, and the Sporting sales we run always attract alot of interest"

The cups are expected to make £200-400 in auction, and will be sold in the April Sporting sale. For further information please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Art Deco Lady to catch the eye....

A wonderful Art Deco figure is to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewkerne. Made by the famous sculptor Josef Lorenzl, it is a classic piece of Art Deco design.   The figure shows a girl balanced on one foot and holding a scarf. This is one of a number of elegant designs he produced of figures dancing during the 1920's.   Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "Lorenzl is a very important designer for this period, and is highly prized by collectors. Art Deco items continue to be extremally popular, and it should command alot of interest"   The figure is expected to make £400-600 in auction, and will be sold in Lawrences Decorative Arts sale in April.  

For further information please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041.

Fox hunted at Crewkerne....

A wonderful Bronze figure of a Foxes head, is to be sold at Lawrences of Crewkerne. Made by a contemporary sculptur called Emma MacDermott, it has been entered for sale by a Somerset vendor.

The Bronze shows the fox with snarling teeth, and is superbly modelled. The head has been mounted on a stone base and stands 9 1/2ins high. It is signed by the artist underneath.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "Any models of foxes are always popular with our customers, whether in porcelain or bronze. This is superb quality, and i expect alot of interest from Sporting enthusiasts"

The bronze will be sold in Lawrences Sporting sale on April 8th, 2010, and is expected to make £300-500 in auction. For further enquiries please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041

A Victorian Toy Theatre to be sold....

A wonderful toy theatre is to be sold by Lawrences Auctioneers of Somerset. The theatre was made by the famous Pollock toy shop in convent garden, in the late 19th century.

Pollocks toy shop was established by Benjamin Pollock in the 1880's, and were best known for the toy theatres and scenery they produced. The company is still in business and reproduce Victorian style theatres to this day.

Lawrences Auctioneer Simon Jones said, "These toy theatres are very collectable, and appear occasionaly in auction. This example is in very good condition, and also comes with a number of plays and props that can be used.

It is expected to make £200-400 in auction, and will be sold in Lawrences Militaria, Collectors and Sporting sale in April.

For further enquiries please contact Simon Jones on 01460 73041

Militaria, Collectors & Sporting Sale RESULTS....

Lawrences in Crewkerne commenced a busy month of auctions last week with 1700 lots of militaria, coins, medals, collectors' items and sporting lots coming under the hammer over two busy days of sales.

Highlights of the first day focused on a superb private collection of coins, assembled by three generations of a local Somerset family, that totalled nearly £110,000. Top price for a single coin was the £3280 paid for a gold £5 piece from 1893 (see illustration) but an Oliver Cromwell halfcrown piece from 1658 took £2900, a crown piece from the same era took £2390 and a run of four Charles I crown pieces exceeded expectations to realise over £7200 in total. Part of the collection's appeal lay in its broad range with early Roman coins amongst the Edwardian items and the items were in good condition overall. An unusual George IV half sovereign made £2600 and the appeal of a large selection of mixed coinage (ranging from South Afrikan half crowns and silver dollars to modern uncirculated sets) was evident when it was contested to £3400.

A brace of flintlock pistols made for the Nazim of Hyderabad's bodyguard in 1800 made £2030; a Postal Union £1 stamp in gold, isued in 1974, made £810; a Spanish miquelet rifle of the late 18th Century, made by the celebrated gunsmith Astiazaran of Ribas, was bought for £1600; and a Waterloo medal awarded to Alex McLennon of the 95th Foot made £5100.

On the following day, a host of high prices for the collectors' items included £2600 for a Victorian photograph album of Royalty (Victoria & Albert but also Disraeli, Dickens and Gladstone amongst others); £1790 for an aerial-type Army and Navy fishing reel; £2300 for a stamp album containing interesting examples from Australasia; £1190 for a scarce Hertel Schwab googly-eyed doll from a selection that totalled £19,800; £880 for a Wrenn OO-gauge locomotive of Queen Elizabeth with its box and manual from a collection of good boxed toys that made £8900; £950 for a small sledge and skis made from cutlery by James William Dell in Antarctica on Captain Scott's 1901-1904 Polar expedition; and a collection of Matchbox cars in their boxes but some with the original artwork was well received: top price was £415 for 16 gouache illustrations by Derek Stowe. Total for the two day auction was just over £324,000, somewhat ahead of expectations, and with a bouyant atmosphere throughout.


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