Monday 18th June, 2018
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General Sale - Wednesday 21st July

Included in our weekly General Sale on Wednesday 21st July will be 4 pairs of 'Chatsworth' Wooden Planters, each containing flowering Agapanthus.

Other garden items are also in the auction.  Viewing is on Tuesday 20th July 9.30am - 7.00pm.  The sale starts on the Wednesday at 9.30am.

For more details contact Tony Lacey on 01460 73041.

July Fine Art Sale Results......

Lawrences's huge 700-lot sale of silver and vertu last week attracted scores of collectors and the results highlighted the strengths of the market for subjects as diverse as early spoons and portrait miniatures.

Amongst the hundreds of lots of flatware and cutlery, a James I seal top spoon by Martin Hewitt (1615) made £1910 and an East Anglian serving spoon by Thomas Havers of Norwich (c.1695-1700) made £2390. The appeal of a complete set of twelve provincial Irish table spoons made in Cork in c.1810 lifted the value of the dozen to £4180.

Amongst more conventional items, an elegant coffee pot by Peter, Anne and William Bateman dated from 1799 and, by virtue of encapsulating its era perfectly, it cost £3100. A rare porringer from Newcastle dated from the reign of Charles II (c.1679) and cost £3820. A suite of 18 Victorian dinner plates by James Garrard weighed over 334 oz and made £7170. A set of 12 dinner plates and 6 soup plates from 1808 made £6930 and two small Chester tumbler cups from 1752-1765 attracted keen bids to make £3700.

Two collections were very well received. Forty three lots of walking sticks and canes (comprising 59 items in total) found eager bidders and were appealing for their novelty as much as their evident skill of manufacture. The value lay in the quality of the handles, so a carved ivory example in the form of a hare mask with glass eyes and extended ears offering a comfortable grip leapt to £1490. A malacca cane with an intricately chased gold top from c.1760 strode up to £1370 whilst handles in the form of dogs, lions, serpents, birds, donkeys and characters as diverse as Mr Punch and Napoleon offered great variety in the £200-600 range. Top price was the £6810 paid for a rare William III silver mounted stick with intricate pique work made in about 1699 (see illustration), the perfect accompaniment for an elegant gentleman of the period, and the collection made £25000.

The Hartman collection of nutmeg graters from New York, featured previously on these pages, realised over £70,000. Prices ranged from £350 for a Victorian tubular grater through prices as high as £5010 for a George III grater in the form of a miniature cup and cover, £6450 for a grater in the shape of a strawberry and £2620 for a grater in the shape of a clam shell up to the £11,230 paid for a very scarce George IV silver-gilt grater of shallow boat shape.

Amongst the objects of vertu, a collection of vinaigrettes offered more novelty examples for a few hundred pounds apiece, a Victorian miniature portrait of Capt. R. W. Travers made £740, a pair of enamel and ormolu cups and covers made £760 and a Scottish horn snuff mull took £640. The day's total exceeded £250,000.

July Fine Art - NOW ON LINE......


Monday 5th July - Books, Maps & Manuscripts

Tuesday 6th July - Silver & Vertu

Wednesday 7th July - Deceorative Antiques & General Sale

Thursday 8th July - Jewellery & Ceramics

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