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Book from the Ice is Hot News at Auction...

"Few books can ever have been printed further north than this," suggests Lawrences' book specialist Rose Sanguinetti as she examines lot 3170 to be sold on July 21st in Crewkerne. "The slim booklet was printed on board HMS Enterprise as she wintered in Camden Bay in 1854 in the course of Admiral Sir Richard Collinson's search for Sir John Franklin's tragic lost expedition to find the North West passage," explains Rose. "The 24-page booklet details the ship's company, the sun's bearing, the depots of provisions that she made as she sailed through icy waters, a monthly almanac listing daily events since her departure from England in January 1850 and all details of her journey up to September 26th 1853. The bright green pages are still in remarkably good condition and were printed with great care by the Captain's coxswain Henry Hester in freezing temperatures in northern Canada just under 1200 miles south of the North Pole. It seems likely that this volume was Collinson's own copy as it has passed down by descent in his family." Understandably, the print run was very small and Rose suspects that there are very few copies still in existence. It is to be sold with Collinson's own account of HMS Enterprise's fruitless journey (published in 1889) and another volume and is expected to make £1500-2500.


A further 400 lots of books, maps and manuscripts are also on offer. There is a rare first edition of Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark" from 1876 (£1500-2500). In addition, there are books from the collection of the late Robin Bush (1943-2010) familiar to many as a writer, lecturer, television presenter, Somerset historian and politician. A 1751 atlas of 273 maps by John and Emanuel Bowen includes a fine view of Devon is estimated at £700-750 whilst a rare manuscript drawing of "The Plott of Glapthorne in the Countye of Northampton" dates from 1614 and is expected to make £5000-10,000. Finally, the literary and personal archive of Fr. Brocard Sewell (1912-2000), a Carmelite friar and founding editor of The Aylesford Review, is expected to make over £4000. Rather surprisingly for a friar's collection, it includes material relating to the notorious John Profumo/Christine Keeler scandal (£200-400). 


See it all online at or call the auctioneers for details on (01460) 73041. Over 4500 lots are expected to pass through Lawrences' auctions in July alone.



Addenda and Errata for our Fine Art Sale on the 5th, 7th, 8th and 21st July 2011

To view the Addenda and Errata for our Fine Art Sale on the 21st July 2011, please select the 'Auctions' tab above and then select 'Current Sales'.  The addendum can then be viewed by selecting the sale date.

Please also note that lots 3430 - 3439 inclusive, comprising the literary and personal archive of Fr. Brocard Sewell due to have been sold at Lawrences book sale on 2lst July have been withdrawn from sale.