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Addendum - Fine Art Sale - Pictures, Furniture, Clocks & Rugs - 13/10/2017 - Crewkerne

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Lot Number Details
1575Revised Estimate: £200-300

1681This is by William H. Ludlow, not Henry Stephen Ludlow. The estimate remains the same.

1684Exhibited: Jeremy Wood Fine Art, March 1979, Painters in Cornwall as Prelude by Chopin.

1835Footnote: After the Roman original housed in the Uffizi Gallery, Rome

1839This is not The Discus Thrower but The Dancing Fawn with Cymbals.
Footnote: After the Hellenistic original housed in the Uffizi Gallery, Rome

1853This lot is withdrawn.

1869Footnote: After the Donatello original housed in the Orsanmichele, Florence

1874Should read Italian not Anglo-Indian.

1902This is not The Gladiator but Satyr with a Wineskin
Footnote: After the original housed in the Naples Archaeological Museum

1917This olive pot was damaged in transit and now carries a revised estimate: £200-300.
We have had an estimate to repair it of £300 within a local radius

1955aSIX ASH AND ELM LANCASHIRE STYLE LADDERBACK DINING CHAIRS, 19th century, with woven rush and reed seats, height 98cm (6)
Estimate: £250-350

2033This lot is withdrawn.

2044With another smaller table (2)’

2086Should read George III not Regency style. Provenance: Bought from John Bly in 1974 for £925.

2092This lot is withdrawn.