Wednesday 23rd May, 2018
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Addendum - Militaria, Coins & Medals - 17/05/2018 - Crewkerne

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Lot Number Details
157A MASONIC SWORD. A French sword in th e Masonic style, with gilt decorated mounts and swept forward quillions. The blade of double-edged rapier pattern with four 1/2 fullers, the scabbard of leather with gilt chafe etc.
Estimate: £50-70

158A KRIS . An attractive Kris with a 14" wavy-edged blade and carved wooden Garuda Bird hilt. Bi-wood scabbard with carved throat mount, 18.1/2" overall length.
Estimate: £80-100

159A 19thC IND0-PERSIAN SPEAR. A dual blade spear of Indo-Persian form, with split blades on the 20.1/4" steel head. A wooden shaft with an overall combined length of 77.1/2". The wavy blades are part decorated, with eastern designs.
Estimate: £200-300

160A BILL STAFF. In the 17thC style with spike and moon shaped horse stringing blades, bearing a Castle makers mark. Measuring 27.1/2" in length the head of beaten steel, with a partially studded wooden shaft. 75" overall length.
Estimate: £800-1000

161A GENTLEMANS SWORDSTICK. A good quality Gentlemans Swordstick with silver coloured hilt baring the makers amrk of (JH). Diamond pattern slim blade of 27.1/4" in length, with securing spring present.
Estimate: £150-200

162A 17thC STYLE CLAMSHELL BROADSWORD. Having a double-edged 35" blade with partial centre fuller. Steel pommel and clamshell guard, having a wire wrapped grip. Of 17thC form with a finger ring in the guard.
Estimate: £1000-1200

163A 17thC STYLE RAPIER BLADED SWORD. 17thC in the rapier style with steel flared guard and wide quillions. Multiple bar steel hilt with a piercing for the latter, having a wire wrapped grip. Diamond pattern blade of some 29.3/4" in length, having some decoration evident.
Estimate: £700-1000

164A SMALLSWORD. A 17thC style Gentlemans Smallsword, with a triangular swaged throat blade in the rapier style of 30" in length. Having a steel guard with wire wrapped grip and swirl design pommel.
Estimate: £1000-1200

165A SMALLSWORD. A 17thC style Gentlemans Smallsword with a rapier form blade of some 32.1/2" in length. Some original decoration is still evident on the blade Having a steel disc guard with Pineapple shape steel pommel and wire wrapped grip.
Estimate: £1000-1200

166A 17thC STYLE SMALLSWORD. A Gentlemans Smallsword in the 17thC style with a 29" rapier pattern blade. Inset in the 1/4 length fullers is N T O L and various decorative original designs. Having a steel guard and hilt with damage/loss to the pierced shell design in the guards.
Estimate: £1000-1200

167AN INDO_PERSIAN DHAL. A steel construction Indo-Persian Dahl with various light decoration in gilt, amid the designs. 19thC in style with most of the original inner padding, being present. 14" in diameter, with the traditional four bosses in the centre.
Estimate: £120-150

168A 17thC STYLE ITALIAN POINGARD DAGGER. All steel construction with multiple piercings to the blade, of diamond pattern with a double-edged 9.3/4" length. Straight quillions and same wrapped grip, of some quality. In the Italian style with steel pommel and of some quality in its manufacture.
15.3/4" overall length.
Estimate: £600-800

169A 17thC STYLE SWEPT HILT RAPIER. Having a broad double-edged and heavy construction 34" blade, bearing an Armourers mark. Steel hilt and swept pattern guard, forward and reverse quillions. 40.3/4" overall length.
Estimate: £1500-1800

170A 17thC STYLE SPANISH RAPIER. A Spanish 17thC rapier with a double-edged tapering blade of some 37" in length. Marked with XXX Sebastian Hernandez XXX on one side and XXX En Toledo XXX on the other side. Having a pierced cup-hilt with straight quillions, also a steel tapering pommel. With a fine wire wrapped grip, the whole of good quality manufacture. 45.1/2" overall length.
Estimate: £1500-1800

171A 17thC STYLE BROADSWORD. Of the 17thC style with later style markings for Anno Domini 1623, to the blade. Also P G L F on both ricassos also Mine cause and mine honour legend. Blunt blade of 31.1/2" length having a 3/4 length fuller. With a rounded point, for practice or display with a partial scabbard.
Estimate: £800-1000

172A SPADROON OFFICERS SWORD. An 18thC Spadroon sword with silvered hilt and guard, having a decorated blade of 27.1/4" length. Named on the guard bar to Lt David Gall Sussex Militia. (There is a Lt David Gall in the Army List of 1806-07 listed as Lt 1805 in the Sussex Militia)
Estimate: £300-400

173A SPANISH 17thC STYLE CUP HILT RAPIER. A 17thC Rapier with markings on the 40.1/4" tapering blade, for Tomas Dehayala en Toledo. With an ornate pierced full cup guard, and 12.1/4" width quillions. Having a wire wrapped grip with a facetted steel pommel, also a 1/4 length fuller with the naming inside.
Estimate: £2000-2500

174A BRASS DAHL. An Indo-Persian Dahl of brass construction with Crescent and other multiple decorations evident. 15.3/4" diameter with its inner padding present, having animals and human like figures over the entire front of the Dahl.
Estimate: £100-150

175A SHORT SPADROON. A Spadroon sword shortened to dagger form with a triangular 16.3/4" blade. Brass mounts and wooden grip, with some rust to the blade being evident.
Estimate: £100-150

176A REPRODUCTION HELMET. A modern construction Lobstertail Helmet in the 17thC style, complete with ear-pieces and leather strapping being present. For display of re-enactment purposes only.
Estimate: £100-150

177A CARVED NATIVE PADDLE. A carved and well made 20thC period Native Paddle, with pierced blade and shaft. Some light damage evident, with an overall length of 65.1/4".
Estimate: £100-150

178A MAIN GAUCHE DAGGER IN THE 17thC STYLE. A 17thC left-hand or main gauche dagger, with decorated steel guard and fluted quillions. Having a wooden grip and bulbous shaped pommel. a 17.1/4" spearpoint blade with a 3/4 fuller. Of some quality with a Makers mark stamped on both sides, its overall length being 23".
Estimate: £700-1000

179A 17thC STYLE RAPIER. A steel hilted rapier with reverse quillions, and ring bar guard. Wire wrapped grip with bulbous steel pommel. Diamond shaped 35.1/2" blade, having rust damage towards and on the point. Hollowed ricasso with Cross mark on each side, 44.1/4" overall length.
Estimate: £1000-1200

180A US CAVALRY SABRE. A Cavalry Sabre with clean blade marked with US ADK 1862 on one side, AME MF Co, Chicopee .Mass on the other side. Complete with metal scabbard and 4872 stamped on the hilt.
Estimate: £100-150

181A MIDSHIPMANS DIRK. A George V1 Midshipmans Dirk in superb condition, marked Gieves on the crisply etched blade. Complete with swordknot and outer carrycase, W C Spicer engraved on the scabbard mouth. Lt RCN in 1945.
Estimate: £250-300

182A K D GUARDS DRESS EPAULETTE. An officers scale epaulette of the Kings Dragoon Guards in gilt metal with Waterloo, also KDG lettering.
Estimate: £70-100

694A 2009 QUARTER SOVEREIGN. A cased 2009 Quarter Sovereign complete with certificate of issue number 3462. (Note not as originally catalogued)
Estimate: £60-80

728A George V 1913 dated sovereign.
Estimate: £180-200

729A George V 1911 dated half sovereign.
Estimate: £90-100

7301914 half sovereign.
Estimate: £90-100

731A Willhelm 11 10 mark Piece, dated 1890 with a below bust.
Estimate: £90-100

732A CASED MBE. A cased MBE on a ladies brooch mount and ribbon. Awarded to Miss Landon-Jones with original Newspaper Clipping.
Estimate: £60-80

733A 9th Battn YORKSHIRE MM & TRIO etc. A GV Military Medal named to 8470 Sjt W Wilkinson 9/Yorks R. A 1914/15 Star, British War & Victory Medals named to 8470 Sjt W Wilkinson. Yorks R. William Wilkinson served in the Balkans (Theatre 2b) from the 14th July 1915. He landed at Gallipoli with the 6th Battalion. He vwas transferred to Class Z reserve in 1919. In the London Gazette of the 22nd July 1919, his Military Medal was listed as. 8470 Sjt Wilkinson.W. 9th Battn (Torksey. A small village in Lincolnshire.)
Also his sons 1939/45 & Africa Stars also War Medal and Fire Service Exemplary Medal QE11, named to Ldg.Fireman. John W S Wilkinson.
Estimate: £500-700